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         Suzhou SIFANG Abrasives Co., Ltd. a private enterprise (founded in Aug. 1996) located In Suzhou New District, is engaged in the production and management of synthetic diamond abrasives and cubic boron nitride grinding wheel. As the market economy grows, our enterprise has expanded rapidly for the last several yeas. We now specialize in producing a wide variety of synthetic diamond abrasives products of different specifications of sorts and our production capacity has been greatly advanced during these years. Besides the resin bonded abrasives which we have enabled to produce several yeas before, we have been able to enlarge our production scale to produce synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride abrasive products of different sorts perfectly, such as electroplated bonded abrasives, vitrified bonded abrasives, metal bonded abrasives and etc. The output of 4 million carat abrasives yearly and the highly specialized ability of manufacturing diamond abrasives with dimension from 0.5mm to 900mm and thickness of 200mm, while some years ago limited at the diameter of less than 400m /m, both make our company well known and respected widely in the field. Now our enterprise has begun to take shape. We try our best to offer products of high quality and high levels, as well as the best after services, which are being accepted well by our clients and society. Now our brand enjoys a high reputation in more than 30 provinces and municipalities at home. These classic products have also been exported to Europe , American, southeast Asian countries and areas etc.

        As the reform and opening is developing well and the market economy mechanism is performing more perfectly, we are desirous of looking for our company and cooperation to design and develop new abrasive products of different materials and different sorts. We believe we can both attain a higher goal. Our aim is to serve the public and to redound to the society.

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